Accreditation Management

The Accreditation procedures management has always been Wings’ core business, since the first release in 2005 of GetYourBadge.

Since then, the system has been continuously developed by applying the latest available technologies, increasing its functionalities and effectiveness.

Today Wings manages the accreditation procedures with two integrated systems: the accreditation module of its GetYourEvent platform, and GetYourBadge Unplugged, the accreditation center management tool.


For many years, Wings has conducted with success the collection of accreditation requests with the platform, integrating it with many additional tools useful for the management of the events our company was involved with.

Since the second half of 2019, has been replaced with the accreditation module of GetYourEvent, its new platform that offers organisers a single tool for the coordinated management of all the services provided on occasion of major events.

Every accreditation type is different from the other with different features and different paths, depending on the category those are subscribing – and those who are evaluating the requests – belong.


GetYourBadge Unplugged is a revolution in terms of accreditation centre management: an enormous step forward for GetYourBadge that after more than 13 years and various releases keeping it always up with times, has totally changed its skin.

‘Moving forward to meet your needs!’ is the motto of the new system, based on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet, with the operators free to move in the accreditation centre using an interface that makes every step quicker because of their similarity with actions everyone owning a mobile device performs every day.

Notebooks, their adaptors and webcams disappeared from the Accreditation Centres managed by Wings. With a drastic reduction of the backup equipment (every device can be immediately replaced by any smartphone or tablet, without needing to install any software), expedition costs and accreditation centre setup times are reduced too, with consequent savings for our customers.

The system maintains all the traditional functionalities of GetYourBadge such as the face recognition tool that automatically cuts and resizes the pictures transforming them into a headshot of the size that the photo must have on the badge, or the batch import from excel files including the association of the pictures related to the records they contain.

The software prints on any kind of badge media. It is possible to plan the badge print optimizing the production costs as they can be printed both on pre-printed or blank media, thanks to a print configuration tool.

It is also possible to print, for the same event, with different layouts, on different printers, and as consequence on different media, badges belonging to different categories.

Reports and Statistics can be automatically generated in real time, both from the software and a web interface, delivering directly via e-mail the reports in excel format


Some of the most significant numbers of the performances of the accreditation procedures system by Wings:


The average of delivered badges in all 6 World Championships Accreditation Centres that Wings manages for the International Cycling Union organizes every year


The total number of accreditation managed for the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship Italia 2010


The total number of accreditation managed in a single accreditation centre for the 2013 UCI Road Cycling World Championships in Florence

Slightly less than 1000

The delivered badges in two hours on the first opening day of the accreditation centre for the  Cyclo-cross World Championships in Hooglede-Gits, Belgium


The average length of time spent in the accreditation centre by the participants to the Track World Championships in Manchester (Great Britain) to pick up their badges


The accreditation centres set up in forty days for the women and under 26 cycling Tour of Italy


Accreditation centers set up in fifteen days for the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championships Italia 2010


Main Sports World Championships accreditation centres simultaneously open in September 2010: Volleyball (Milan, Turin, Modena, Verona, Trieste, R. Calabria – Italy) and Road Cycling (Geelong – Australia)


The continents where GetYourBadge accreditation centres had been set up