The presence of an exibition centre, enriched with a series of initiatives dedicated to the authorised personnel who had flown to the Spanish capital to follow the championships, was welcomed with unanimous enthusiasm.
– In the Kentia room, between very Italian snacks, drinks and coffee, the visitors of Spazio Italia followed the various stages of the Championships on television next to cyclists and trainers who would meet to watch the races they were not directly involved in.
– The Secuoya I room was a place of incessant pilgrimacy by competitors and Italian staff who, thanks to two internet points, were able to maintain contacts with Italy through the use of e-mail and receive updates on the latest news.
– The press room set up in the Secyita II room was well attended and from the opening of Spazio Italia Madrid 2005 became a landmark for all Italian journalists following the Championships: the possibility of being able to work immediately after having followed a press conference or interviewed a competitor was enthusiastically welcomed as were the press reviews distributed each morning by the Spazio Italia press office.
– A beautiful suite made into a television studio hosted an interview room where RaiSport journalists captured thoughts and hopes from the “azzurri” before the races.
– The Garnacha room was the frame for the Friday press conference figuring all the Italians road racers and the goodbye cocktail which ended the first edition of Spazio Italia.