After the introduction in Milan-Palermo and its use in Inter-Rome, the consecration in Milan-Juventus.
The new tools which have recently enriched the Led Control System Suite, the software control of the luminous led panels produced for the stadiums by Wings, have enhanced the show of the long awaited challenge on the 10th day of the Italian soccer league calendar.
Before the whistle blew the start of the super challenge in Meazza, animations, created by Wings for AC Milan, were seen on the led panels portraying the players on the pitch, of trainers Ancelotti and Capello and those on the bench.
Thanks to the new module LCS Line Up, in a few seconds Wings is able to create the playlist of the formations to project on the leds and to synchronize them through the Led Control System while the speaker in thestadium is reading them out.
The result obtained on Saturday was impressive: the traditional whistling occurring during the reading of the away team formation was in fact replaced by an innatural silence when the first Juventus players names were pronounced.
The reading of the “red-black” formation was extraordinary with the supporters elated in following the animation on the leds of the faces of their favourites while shouting their names.
During the interval, through the LCS Half Time new tool, animated half time results and rankings appeared on the leds, these also created by Wings: a real and true revolution compared with the simple running of text which is normally shown on the led system.