Wings launches GetYourBadge Unplugged, the new concept of Accreditation Centre Management

Wings is ready to present GetYourBadge Unplugged, its new Accreditation
Centre Management system.

The beta version of Unplugged will be used for the first time in Valkenburg
(Ned) for the 2018 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships.

It’s an enormous step forward for the GetYourBadge suite that after more
than 13 years and various releases that kept it always up with times, will
totally change its skin.

‘Moving forward to meet your needs!’ is the motto of the new system, based
on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet, with the operators free to
move in the accreditation centre using an interface that makes every action
quicker because of their similarity with actions everyone owning a mobile
device performs every day.

Notebooks, their adaptors and webcams disappear from the Accreditation
Centres managed by Wings. With a drastic reduction of the backup equipment
too (every device can be immediately replaced by any smartphone or tablet,
without needing to install any software), expedition costs and accreditation
centre setup times are reduced too, with consequent savings for Wings’