Access control

Through the GetYourEvent functionalities and the GYE-AC (GetYourEvent Access Control) app, Wings offer an extremely complete modular system for the access control.

Wings provides its access control services, both with fixed stations, equipped with computers and barcode / Qrcode readers, and with portable readers on which the GYE-AC App is installed, guaranteeing an effective service both when the Internet is available and in lack of connectivity.

The GYE-AC app works on any Android or iOS device equipped with barcode reader or camera.

This means that also common smartphones can be used besides portable barcode scanners.

At the end of the event, Wings provides organisers with statistical data about the presence of participants in the controlled areas, preserving their privacy.

Those kind of data allow organisers of recurring events, a better planning of the spaces optimising costs and working conditions quality.

The importance of an access control system that goes beyond the simple verification of entry credentials has dramatically grown, following the tracing process that became necessary after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By crossing data Wings can provide, under request, detailed information about those who have been in the same area, at the same time, with any one who should be tested Covid-19 positive during or immediately after the event.