The new mission of an effective access control service

While the Tokyo 2020 Olympics start, the concern about the possible
infections of Covid-19 within the Olympic Village and their possible
extension to local population does not stop.

Despite the very strict entry protocol and the heavy restrictions imposed by
the Japanese government on the freedom of movement of participants, the
‘Olympic’ infections, which started with the arrival of the first
delegations, are constantly increasing.

Taking for granted the impossibility of preventing infections, it is
extremely important to trace presences as precisely as possible, to promptly
identify possible contacts those who have had contact with people tested

Consequently, the application and therefore the methodology of the access
control – a service that has always been crucial in the organization of
major events – must change.

The access control service, traditional synonymous of security and order,
must give much more in this historical moment: safety.

Wings for more than fifteen years has accompanied the access control system
linked to its accreditation and reception services with detailed data on
attendance, to provide organizers with useful information for statistical
purposes, but above all to allow them to better plan their future events.

Wings now offers its customers an extraordinary tool: the new GetYourEvent
platform, created for the centralized management of all services related to
the organization of major events. The platform is completed by an integrated
app, GYE Access Control that, among other features, allows real time
monitoring and tracking of presences inside the restricted areas.

Since its publication, GYE Access Control has been used by the International
Cycling Union (UCI) for access control and the collection of data relating
to presences in Media Centres, and by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC)
for the parking areas management during matches of its national teams.

It was, however, with the German stage of the Paralympic Swimming World
Series, held in Berlin last October, that GYE Access Control has been used
for the first time with the purpose of tracing the eventual contact of the
participants with people tested positive for Covid-19 after the event.

For this reason, CONI, after having entrusted Wings with the accreditation
service for Casa Italia Tokyo 2020, has also decided to exploit the
potential of GYE Access Control.

The use of this app meets both the needs to securely monitor access to the
traditional meeting point of the Italian Olympic Team, and immediately
identifying any contacts of those who access it, with guests, athletes or
staff who should test positive for the virus.