Wings starts using the new Bio-PVC cards for a high quality eco-friendly badge production

Wings has always been extremely conscious of the environmental impact of its
work. We have introduced, since more than ten years, the use of
“eco-lanyards” to hold the badges we produce, but the environmental impact
of PVC has always been in our minds as something to take care about.

We have always kept a close eye on the PVC industry and on the studies of
new molecules that are capable of keeping the same characteristics of PVC,
while reducing its impact on our ecosystem.

Research has followed various directions, one of which maintains the
original polymer present in PVC, but with the addition of special additives
that make the material degradable.

The availability on the market of the Bio-PVC finally gave us the solution
for the production of more ‘eco friendly’ badges.

This particular PVC is an innovative material of the latest generation,
having additives that significantly accelerate its degradability: small
amounts of the additive are inserted in the PVC during the manufacturing
process. The additive breaks down the polymer’s molecular chain, and at the
end of the material’s life cycle, the product will degrade. The additives
are able to transform the polymer molecule notably, accelerating its
decomposition. The process only occurs in favorable environments, such as
composting, water or other elements must necessarily be present.

BIO-PVC offers therefore a double advantage: its versatility and
degradability, in addition, it guarantees excellent printing results,
maintaining the same physical characteristics of PVC.

Moreover, it has a low environmental impact, as CO2 emissions are inferior
to the emissions associated with the production of traditional materials
used in manufacturing plastic cards. In addition, its production requires a
lower energy consumption and an inferior use of raw materials.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI – International Cycling Union)
faithful to its environmental commitment, immediately joined our cause and
decided to go ‘green’ with Bio-PVC badges for the 2021 season.