On Monday 26th September the first edition of Spazio Italia, the promotion and communication project which accompanied the Italian team in the 2005 Madrid World Cycling Championships came to a more than satisfactory close.
The good bye cocktails, held on the Sunday evening, represented a further occasion of contact between the media and several Italian team members who kindly accepted the invitation to attend in spite of the disappointing results in the various competitions. Paolo Bettini, although disappointed by his 13th position in this world championships, which did not render justice to his capabilities, willingly answered the journalists questions.
Welcomed by a hearty applause on his entrance to the room, the “Grillo” surprised everyone a series of witty remarks and thanked all present for their demonstration of esteem he had received at the end of the race.
Bettini was then joined by Luca Paolini, Giovanni Lombardi and Davide Bramati who with all present made the evening a very pleasant one.