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Dream Marketing (BLR)

DREAM MARKETING is a resident company of the Republic of Belarus, possessing a statutory licencse and succesfully carrying out it’s professional activities in marketing and touristic services.

DREAM MARKETING is the leading agency in Belarus in the sphere of the sports marketing, MICE and sport tourism.

DREAM MARKETING strategy is to provide integrated support for the hosting sport events, official and business delegations on the territory of the Belarus with regards to their actual requirements, as well as organizing and holding international high-level competitions.

DREAM MARKETING is focused on serving sports events and especially sport teams both in Belarus and abroad.

DREAM MARKETING applies its competence in event management to create and organize dynamic sports events in Belarus. The company manages and implements the whole spectrum of services from the initial concept of sponsorship, venue decoration,signage, ticketing, merchandising, hospitality, transportation, accommodation,promotion,media management, TV broadcasting.

According to the opinions of DREAM MARKETING numerous customers, the confident work in the sphere of the business and sports marketing, professional staff, only beneficial contracts with the leading travel agents and tour operators of the world, direct relationships with the leading airlines and alliances, national and international hotels, advertising and marketing agencies, as well as financial commitment and international accounting system allow DREAM MARKETING to take the leading position in the Belarusian market.


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